Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bird Watching Social Network Launched

Online Bird Watching Network is the leading Niche social network provider which has launched over 680 Networks such as a Bird Watching Network for connecting likeminded Bird Watching enthusiasts worldwide.

.The Hobeze Bird Watching Network is your own Dedicated Profile which will allow you to;

.Create your own Bird Watching Profile to discuss your all time fav, tips and tricks.

.Create your own Bird Watching Portfolio.

.Buy and Sell Bird Watching equipment.

.Receive live Bird Watching News from around the world

.Watch our How-To Videos from the largest collection of how to Videos in the world.

.Upload photos of your Latest Bird Watching albums

.Create your very own Bird Watching Group to keep in touch with and organise Bird Watching events.

.Upload Videos of your Bird Watching albums to show to other Bird Watching Members on your Bird Watching Network.

.Chat with other Members and make friends with others from your Bird Watching Network.

.Chat in our Bird Watching Network Forum

If you are looking for a free online Bird Watching Network that connects you with other Bird Watching Enthusiasts worldwide, then look no further than

The great thing about is that it is made up of over 680 internal hobby networks, so if your hobbies include Horse Riding, Fashion, Diving or even Social, then you can have 4 dedicated profile pages per hobby all linked together.

This makes a great place to create your Bird Watching network and communicate with other Bird Watching Enthusiasts. Meet hobby singles, make new Bird Watching Buddies, find out specific information related to your hobby and all from one dedicated hobeze webpage. is far from another myspace or facebook. It’s a highly focused sports and hobby network that is aimed at providing hobby specific applications. Best of all the site is 100% FREE to join and use.

So login to the Bird Watching Network today and discover what you have been missing out on all this time.

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